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Eppicotispai Furbo Lids Set【楽天海外直送】 - Eppicotispai Furbo Lids Set

Eppicotispai Furbo Lids Set【楽天海外直送】 - Eppicotispai Furbo Lids Set:Excellent Imports

Eppicotispai Furbo Lids Set

Eppicotispai FURBO is a system of three patented space-saving flat lids, suitable for any kind of pot, which allows you to store all your lids in less than 2 cm of thickness. But it doesn't simply solve your space problems. With Furbo you don't have to search anymore the right lid for the pot you want to use. In fact it is easy to discover which lid you need among the three Furbo sizes: Small-Medium-Large. You only have to lay it on the pot from one side or from the other side and you will feel it fitting the pot perfectly. In Italian "Furbo" means smart. Let's find out why people call it "Furbo":- because every Furbo is worth three. One lid for each pot size no more. In fact every Furbo is fit for three different pot sizes (two on one size and one on the other size, by overturning it);- because you only need three FURBO lids for all your pots: from the little pot to the greatest pan (from 5-1/2-inch to 12-inch. because FURBO is space saving The three FURBO lids take less than 3/4-inch of thickness. Therefore you can suit them easily into a drawer or on a shelf of the kitchen cabinets. Or; you can hang them. In the dishwasher they take as much space as one plate. In the refrigerator you can well exploit the room, leaning on a pot a container, a dish or another pot. because it is dish warmer. In fact, while you cook, you can use FURBO to warm foods or keep another pot warm. because it can be used to turn over omelettes. Did you ever realise how easy it becomes with FURBO to turn large omelettes over or to take cakes out of their baking tin. because it is also a trivet and can be used as a tray. because FURBO is safe: it is made of stainless steel 18/10. because FURBO will perfectly last in the long run: its handles are dishwasher-proof and in the long run becomes neither porous nor grey. because with FURBO you buy one lid and you have three.

Dimensions: 31.75 x 31.75 x 2.03 centimetres (1.16 kg)

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高桑金属/エルフィン ポルカドット フランボワーズ デザートスプーン 006533 (カトラリー・ステンレス・elfin) 安いです 壮大でカラフル 【柳宗理 ステンレス片手鍋22cm ミラー】[返品・交換・キャンセル不可]

高桑金属 日本製 Japan プリティー ハート フォーク 003693 〔まとめ買い12個セット〕 イケダ エレテック 外輪鍋 33 6-0032-0806 AST11033 三重底 寸胴鍋 3446 (蓋無) 28cm 【業務用】【】【プロ用】

日本製 セラミック加工IH土鍋(IH・直火両用) 黒釉波紋 9号 7126-1855 代引き不可 壮大でカラフル

JM60315 アミュレット ホーローガラス蓋片手鍋18(レッド) マッドラッシュ 改善

半寸胴鍋 エトール 銅 半寸胴鍋 27cm【半寸胴鍋おすすめ 業務用半寸胴鍋 ラーメン用鍋 寸胴なべラーメンスープ 半寸胴ラーメンスープ 】 【1500円以上購入で300円クーポン(要獲得) 8/22 9:59まで】 ニューキング アルミ 浅型 片手鍋(目盛付) 15cm 【中尾アルミ製作所: キッチン用品 調理用具・器具 片手鍋】【NAKAO ARUMI SEISAKUSYO】:ビューティーファクトリー ASTD926 TKG PRO(プロ)外輪鍋(蓋無) 26cm :_

デバイヤー ( de BUYER ) デバイヤー 鉄フライパン 5110 22cm ※IH対応(100V/200V) 業務用 AHL18022 SITRAM/シットラム イノックス18-10半寸胴鍋 三重底/(蓋無)28cm 燕三 ふきこぼれにくい両手鍋(18 cm ) 燕三 鍋ケトルフライパン ステンレス鍋 両手鍋 EM-9761(代引不可)

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